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Understanding and Supporting Highly Sensitive Clients

🧠 📚 🤓  Learn secrets to success in therapeutic practice with highly sensitive individuals

Discover the transformative power of understanding and working with the trait of high sensitivity. Join our presentation to gain invaluable insights into the unique world of highly sensitive people (HSPs) and equip yourself with the skills to profoundly impact their lives.

🌟 What You'll Learn:

  • Uncover the nuances of the highly sensitive personality trait
  • Explore the origins and characteristics of highly sensitive individuals
  • Harness the power of sensitivity to benefit your clients
  • Recognize signs and symptoms of high sensitivity in your clients
  • Tackle common struggles faced by highly sensitive people
  • Differentiate sensitivity from other conditions for accurate diagnosis
  • Create a therapeutic environment that fosters safety and support
  • Equip yourself with practical techniques to guide HSPs through stress, anxiety, and trauma
  • Assist HSPs in setting boundaries and practicing effective self-care
  • Empower your clients to embrace their sensitivity as a unique strength
  • Navigate relationships, work, and life transitions with HSPs
  • Tailor therapeutic approaches for optimal results with highly sensitive individuals
  • Learn coping strategies if you, as a therapist, discover your own high-sensitivity

🚀 Elevate your therapeutic practice by gaining a comprehensive understanding of high sensitivity and its profound impact on 20% of the population. Acquire practical tools and strategies to support HSPs in thriving both personally and professionally. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your skills, broaden your expertise, and make a meaningful difference in the lives of highly sensitive individuals.

Those viewing the recorded webinar will still be eligible for continuing education credits. Earn 3 Continuing Education (CE) credits from the Canadian Psychological Association for attending this event.

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 Michelle Agopsowicz holds a Masters in Social Work and a Bachelors in Disability Studies, and she is also a Reiki Master. With a holistic, trauma-informed perspective, Michelle provides counselling and educational opportunities. Her goal is to foster wellness and balance by combining traditional counselling with mindfulness techniques. This approach has evolved through her personal journey, dealing with autoimmune conditions, trauma, anxiety, and being a highly sensitive person.

Michelle is particularly dedicated to assisting individuals who identify as highly sensitive or empaths, fostering a sense of belonging and strength. Through practices and discussions, she guides people toward a more fulfilled and authentic experience, emphasizing self-compassion.

Michelle strongly believes in the interconnectedness of the body, mind, and spirit in the human experience. Addressing suffering, she argues, leads to a transformative journey that is both beautiful and challenging, ultimately reshaping our understanding of compassion, humanity, and our place in the world.

In her leisure time, Michelle enjoys meditation, reading classic literature, spending time with her three cats, and savoring a cup of tea—anything introverted that allows the nervous system to rest!

You can find Michelle at https://www.illuminatedpathcounselling.com/

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