$1,487.00 CAD

Mastering Tele-Assessment Workshop, Sept 26-27, 2024

Two-day; In-person; Calgary, AB

By attending this advanced training, you will:

  • Discuss the nature, history, research, and current controversies and problems related to tele-assessment. 
  • Identify the ethical, legal, cultural, and psychometric aspects of conducting psycho-educational assessments within online environments. 
  • Describe the nuance of performing tele-assessments within cross-jurisdictional contexts. 
  • Practice setting-up, choosing testing batteries, and considering the practical elements of administering psycho-educational assessments within online environments. 
  • Explain the essential considerations when conceptualizing, interpreting testing results, and writing-up clinical findings obtained from performing tele-assessments, including limitations. 
  • Discuss the implications of performing psychoeducational assessments with complex clients within online environments.  

What People Are Saying:

The presenters were great at what they do. And the group discussion was really helpful. It was a very safe and professional environment.

Previous participant

The personable nature of the presenters. They were very welcoming and were always available to help with the tech. I enjoyed hearing about their experiences with tele-assessment and as psychologists in general.

Previous participant